Cling Self Alarming Security Pinless Tag

Quick and strong protection with easy peel-and-stick application. (Sold in quantities of 20).


Key Features

> Reusable hard tag with unique replaceable adhesive pad
> Attaches to products of all shapes, sizes, and surface types
> No detacher or key needed
> Deactivation required at Point-of-Sale (compatible with most standard deactivators)
> 95+ dB alarm and flashing LED
> Special adhesive pad leaves no residue when removed
> No cables to unwind or untangle
> Compact yet durable design and size
> Long-lasting lithium battery


> Fragrances
> Skin care products
> Electronics
> Household appliances
> Other small and medium-sized packages


> Frequency: 58 KHz (AM) or 8.2 MHz (RF)
> Dimensions: 1.38" H x 1.65" W x 0.53" D