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EAS Depot Service

Temporarily closing a location and need to store your EAS equipment somewhere? Prosegur offers a convenient depot program: We can de-install your EAS systems, refurbish them to original manufacturers’ specifications and warehouse them until they are needed in your new locations. We will also take your tags, pins, detachers and deactivators, then sort, clean, inspect, repackage and inventory them for future use when you are ready. We have been providing this service for over 40 years, and are the most trusted and widely used loss prevention depot service in the country.

Key Benefits of Prosegur’s Depot Service

• No need to throw away your temporarily unneeded equipment – we will keep it for you until you need it again.
• Keep your equipment stored in one, secure place, reducing the chances of loss.
• We clean, inspect and repair your equipment before storing it, so that when you need it again it is fully operable and ready to be put to work.
• Regular, accurate and clear inventory reports are provided so you know exactly what you have.
• All equipment is stored in our secure Florida location where we store our own inventory as well.
• Your equipment is always ready for quick shipping wherever and whenever you need it.

Why Choose Prosegur’s Depot Service?

For over 40 years, Prosegur has been the most trusted and widely used loss prevention depot service in the country. Our extensive experience and commitment to excellence ensure that your EAS equipment is in the best hands.

Our EAS Depot Service is tailored for retail store owners who need a reliable and secure solution for storing their EAS equipment during temporary closures. Trust Prosegur EAS to provide the highest level of care and service for your valuable assets.

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