Mini Patriot Self Alarming Security Tag

Our most popular self-alarming security tag with a lanyard: elegant design and strong protection for a variety of merchandise. (Sold in quantities of 100).
$0.75 to $3.95


Key Features

> If lanyard is cut, the internal alarm will sound
> Large speaker and bright LED for strong deterrence
> Coated steel lanyard
> Battery conservation mode
> Water resistant
> Quick application and removal
> Small, light and versatile


> Handbags
> High-end apparel
> Footwear
> Coats and outerwear
> Accessories


> Frequency: 58 KHz (AM), 8.2 MHz (RF) or both (combined)
> Multiple alarm levels available
> Available with standard or super detaching mechanism
> Black
> Dimensions: 1.21" H x 2.08" W x 0.67" D